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Packing Machine

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Packing Machine

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Open Carton Machine

Title:Open Carton Machine
Category:Packing Machine
Description:Nuosheng hot melt glue machine is widely used in open-box forming process

Hot melt glue machine features:

1. Integrative forming of high strength melt trough to increase melt rate and spray glue quickly.
2. The temperature control system of hot melt glue machine adopts PID digital temperature control, which can produce glue evenly and spray automatically.
3. Machine built-in double temperature control, high safety, can prevent staff accidents due to negligence
4. Special design piston pumps with large vomiting capacity, stable glue discharge, especially suitable for cartons or cartons that need to be told to pack.
5. Full-open flow control valve can achieve the highest pump glue efficiency. When cartons are packed, no manual automatic folding is required.

6. Modular design, replacement of different types of piston pumps, easy and fast spraying.

Technical parameters of automatic open-box forming machine:
Minimum carton size: L250*W150*H100mm
Maximum carton size: L450*W400*H400mm
Sealing speed: 12 boxes per minute
Mechanical dimensions: L2000*W1900*H1450mm (based on actual size)
Applicable power supply: 220V 50Hz single phase
Table height: 600-720 mm
Export direction: facing the outlet of material trough to the left
Applicable tape: matching hot melt adhesive machine
Carton loss: 1
Opening mode: vertical moulding
Place of machine platform: foot cup

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