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Small Hot Melt Machine

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Small Hot Melt Machine

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18L hot melt glue machine

Title:18L hot melt glue machine
Category:Small Hot Melt Machine
Description:Hot melt adhesive glue machine is shengnuo hot melt glue machine manufacturers, selling products, Swiss piston pump technology, spraying precision, broken plastic clean, durable. Widely used in packaging, furniture, mattresses, medical, non-woven, food and other fields.

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Hot melt adhesive spraying machine application industry:
Because of the innovation and technology facilities of hot melt glue spreading machine, hot melt machine using a range of super wide. Shengnuo hot melt glue machine mainly used in these industries.
1, all kinds of sealing, sealing box, cigarette filter, paper bags, paper packaging, cushioning materials group, beverage labels and other packaging applications
2, refrigerator sealing and filling, air filter industry, automotive lamp industry
3, non-woven industry, a health products, such as with the use of coating machines.
4, crystal ball, safety helmet, make-up mirror, filter screen molding, all kinds of box molding
5, hair accessories, handmade jewelry, toys, sealing box (box), wood, paper, decorative box.
6, adhesive tape, envelope, floor tiles, courier bags, PP bags, book binding and electronic industry
7, mattress, sofa large area spraying.

NS-A18 hot melt adhesive spraying machine main technical parameters:

Voltage     380V
Frequency :50/60hz
Power :4500W
Capacity Hopper:18L
Rate Melt :30L
Using viscosity:1.000-18.000CPS
Operating temperature :Less than or equal to 220 DEG C
Outline dimension:H638* W400 * L835
Can connect hose:1-4pcs
Temperature sensing method : PT100

Nuosheng A18 hot melt adhesive spraying machine equipment characteristics:

1, the inner surface of the glue box adopts Teflon coating to prevent charring, ensure the beststate reduce blockage.

2, the Swiss general piston pump with variable frequency speed control, precise control of glue output.

3, precision filtering device to remove impurities, prevent nozzle clogging.

4, self detection Admiral digital temperature control system.

5, the computerized operation temperature, to prevent damage to the equipment.

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