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Small Hot Melt Machine

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Small Hot Melt Machine

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10L hot melt glue machine

Title:10L hot melt glue machine
Category:Small Hot Melt Machine
Description:NUOSHENG hot melt glue machine is a new equipment with a temperature control system, large capacity pump, energy saving spraying machine. Toys, cars, cosmetics, sanitary products, non-woven fabrics and other industries are in use.

The application industry of noo hot melt adhesive machine:

Due to the innovation of the hot melt machine and the convenience of science and technology, the hot melt machine is widely used. The Nuo hot melt adhesive machine is mainly used in these industries.

1, all kinds of sealing boxes, sealing boxes, cigarette filter, paper bags, paper packaging, cushioning materials, beverage labels and other packaging applications
2, refrigerator seal and filling, air cleaner industry, car light industry
3, non-woven fabric industry, a sanitary ware and other coater with the use of coater.
4, crystal ball, safety helmet, make-up mirror, filter screen molding, various box forming
5, hair accessories, handmade jewelry, toys, sealing box (box), wood, paper, decorative box.
6, sticky buckles, envelopes, floor tiles, express bags, PP bags, book binding and electronic industry

7, mattress, sofa large area spraying.

10L hot-melt adhesive machine equipment characteristics:

1, the new guide reflux device, adjusting and setting more accurate and stable.

2. Frame type fuselage structure, simple and quick installation and maintenance, and can be matched with many kinds of packaging machines.

3.Double penetration type Teflon coating 3, melting cylinder, progressive large fin heating parts, improve melt efficiency and save the energy, reduce the carbonization phenomenon.

4, cylinder wall melting Teflon coating, thermal insulation cotton to sheet metal, so as to effectively prevent pollution because the glue overflow phenomenon carbonization misoperation, cleaning cleaning equipment more convenient and labor-saving.

5, large capacity pump filter, effectively prevent the iron part of the debris flow into the rubber channel, to prevent the death of gear pump damage

6. The precision metering pump ensures the stability and continuity of the output of the rubber.

7. The temperature control system uses a new self - Testing Admiral digital temperature control system.

NS-V10 hot-melt adhesive machine equipment parameters:











Hopper Capacity



Melt rate






Range of Temperature




60 Kg


Overall Size



Up to hoses number





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